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Mama’s **1/2

June 23, 2009

It’s hard not to root for the underdog. These guys just recently opened-up right down the road from where I grew up. Somebody has finally put something in the spot where plenty of upstart gas stations have come and gone during the course of my life. Really, it’s just a good old fashioned snack shop.


Five Guys **

June 2, 2009

I first encountered this joint at Washington-Dulles airport. Even though it was a little late in the day and I wasn’t particularly hungry I just had to try them out. Upon first glance of the menu I wasn’t to impressed. Kind of like In ‘n’ Out burger, there wasn’t a whole lot of variety up there.

Fatburger ****

April 18, 2009

Simply put, these guys kick butt (I could drop another Beastie Boys reference here). I’ve been twice in my life and both times I left beyond satisfied. I had always heard of this place but never had a chance to hit one. Just on a whim in my hotel room up in the Rockies, I looked them up online.

Give us your take.

April 16, 2009

Those of us here at Fast Food Addict have definitely been to our share of fast food joints (although we do keep it under control, for the most part…). However, we haven’t been everywhere. There are a lot of places we just haven’t gotten a chance to hit yet.

Dairy Queen **1/2

April 15, 2009

Up until the other day I hadn’t been to a Dairy Queen for anything other than ice cream in years. I think I was in college the last time I had non-frozen food there. My recent visit was ok I guess. I had a DQ near me as a kid but it went out of business before I got my first set of wheels.

Culver’s ***

April 14, 2009

These guys remind me of the Dairy Queen of the midwest. Full-on fast food fare with a wide variety of ice cream to choose from. My one and only visit to these guys was in Milwaukee. I saw what seemed to be a new (to me) fast food chain from the opposite side of the food court. I was all over it.

Checkers/Rally’s ***

April 9, 2009

I never saw a Checkers until college. Another one of my discoveries during the many adventures I had in Ohio. Let me tell you, the Canton area of OH is a veritable paradise for fast food lovers.

Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe ***

April 7, 2009

Most of you probably won’t know this place at all. However, anyone who has experienced the magic that is Beaver County, PA will. As I type this I am actually sitting within the boundary of the BC, and it just so happens that I went to Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe just the other day.

A&W ***

April 1, 2009

These guys have a nice little thing going on here. A&W has that whole 1950’s burger joint vibe going for it. Granted, some of the locations just look like your traditional fast food restaurant, but some are drive-ins (like Sonic), with carhops (who are better on roller skates). How do you get more ’50’s than that?