Mama’s **1/2




It’s hard not to root for the underdog.  These guys just recently opened-up right down the road from where I grew up.  Somebody has finally put something in the spot where plenty of upstart gas stations have come and gone during the course of my life.  Really, it’s just a good old fashioned snack shop.  They seem to be drawing big crowds on the weekend, and quite frequently in the evening during the week.  Any business starting up in this economic climate, well we wish them luck.  In spite of that though, we still need to honestly break-down the grub…

All the normal ingredients to your local Mom and Pop burger joint are here.  I’ve been here twice, and you usually encounter “Mama and Papa” behind the counter, doing their thing.  They offer up burgers, hot dogs, chicken, fries, and fried clams.  In the way of deserts, there’s ice cream galore here.  Soft serve, hard, flurries, shakes, and sundaes with some decent options on toppings.  Both of my visits had me chowing down on some decent grub.  It was solid.  Thing is though, nothing really stood out to me.  While pounding some chili cheese fries (made with curly’s), my roommate mentioned that it must be pretty hard to come up with a way to make your burger joint stand out over another.  I had to agree, but I know it can be done.  Mama’s is definitely a decent place to stop and get some eats.  But I just can’t rave about it, simply because there wasn’t anything to rave about.  It’s your standard, run-of-the-mill stuff.  They do it well, but I doubt you’ll be flipping out about anything in particular.

Service, cleanliness, and presentation are all solid.  It’s just a walk-up window set up so there is no dining area.  From what I could see behind the counter everything looked squeaky clean.  Service at the window doesn’t go above and beyond but it gets the job done, and normally with a smile.  They have some picnic benches off to the side of the building and that whole area has been clean during both of my visits.  The menu is laid out well, and it’s easy to grasp everything they offer and how to get it.  

Overall, the Fast Food Addict is going with 2 ½  stars  for Mama’s.  We are rooting for them to do well, but nothing about the food really excites us.  On any given day it would be hard for us to pick them over anyone else.  They really just blend in with the rest.  But maybe since it’s right down the street from my own Mama’s house, I might be more inclined to stop by in the future and see if they’ve spiced things up a little.                                                                                                                                                                                                                DT





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