Chick-Fil-A ***1/2

  When it comes to chicken, these guys are tops.  When you stack them up against all the other chicken-only chains I think they rise above the others.  I don’t usually find myself jonesing for a Chick-fil-A fix, but whenever I come across one during feeding time I want to go.  You can get chicken at just about every fast food chain out there so it’s not often that I want to go somewhere with solely clucking animals on the menu.  Honestly, most strictly-chicken joints don’t excite me to much.  But I’ll argue with anyone who says that Chick-fil-A isn’t a class act, from top to bottom.

I’ll admit that the menu here doesn’t excite me to much.  It’s solid though, and what they do offer is very good.  It may not be the most snazzy or creative dish you’ve ever had, with some wild sauce or interesting presentation, but you’re getting quality grub.  I haven’t had anything on the breakfast menu so somebody give us some feedback on that.  As far as the rest of the menu, I usually go back and forth between the Deluxe, Club, and either strips or nuggets.  All four are good eatin’.  When it comes to the nuggets they actually seem like real chicken, unlike nuggets from other unnamed chains…  Soak them in some Polynesian sauce and it’s great.  The other 3, albeit not highly exciting, are great tasting and always seem fresh.  Seriously.  Sometimes you go to a chain and get a sandwich and you can tell it’s been sitting around for awhile.  You bite into a Deluxe or Club, and I swear every single ingredient was just taken from the original source and immediately put on the sandwich a minute before you took a bite.  The chicken seems real, the veggies and bread are fresh, and if you’ve got cheese it definitely doesn’t taste processed.  Based on that alone, Chick-fil-A is the class of the fast food industry.  Definitely tops.  




When it comes to cleanliness, presentation, and service Chick-Fil-A knocks it out of the park.  Every location I’ve ever been to has been spotless.  Nothing lying around on the floor, no gross bathrooms, A+ work indeed.  Not only that but they’ve all looked brand new.  No shabby tables and chairs, and behind the counter everything looks organized as well as pristine.  No ghetto locations here.  From all my various and sundry visits to plenty of fast food chains there are only a few instances where great customer service stands-out in my head.  One of these memories involves a visit to a Chick-fil-A in Wilmington, NC.  When walking up to the counter I mentioned that I was from NY, and hardly ever got to go to this place.  Then I noticed Mello-Yellow on the menu and flipped-out.  They loved it behind the counter and proceeded to treat me like a VIP.  Good stuff.  That’s how you win, and keep customers.

3 ½ stars for Chick-fil-A.  It was almost 4 but here at the Fast Food Addict, we’re just not overly excited about the food.  It is definitely good, and top quality.  But when we’re thinking about the grub we wanna pound the next time out they just don’t pop into our heads.  On the flip-side though we highly recommend them over most other chains.  You more than get a good bang for your buck, and we’re pretty sure you’ll get great service in the process.  If these guys add just one thing to the menu that truly fires us up, that rating will go up with it.        DT



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