Five Guys **

I first encountered this joint at Washington-Dulles airport.  Even though it was a little late in the day and I wasn’t particularly hungry I just had to try them out.  Upon first glance of the menu I wasn’t to impressed.  Kind of like In ‘n’ Out burger, there wasn’t a whole lot of variety up there.  That’s usually a let down for me since I’m a huge fan of menus that are a veritable cornucopia of choices.  But, if they do these few things very very well then I could maybe understand.  So I got in line to find out.  

A bacon cheeseburger and fries graced my tray and I settled in to pound this down.  In the end it was ok.  It was a quality burger but it didn’t really stand-out to me in any way.  When presented with other possible options for some grub there just isn’t much that would sway me to go here over somewhere else.  Don’t get me started on the fries though.  They were pretty limp and soggy.  Which doesn’t do a whole lot for me.  Again, they weren’t bad tasting but just not great.  You can go to Five Guys and basically get a burger, hot dog, or grilled cheese with two different types of fries.  There’s a little variation on those options but not a lot.  Upon my second visit in a totally different stated I pretty much had the same experience.  Decent burger with soggy fries.  

Both locations I’ve been to were in in great shape.  They both seemed pretty new and whether they were or not, it sure seemed like it.  Behind the counter everything seemed to be in great shape, and running smoothly.  Service wasn’t exceptional in the way of being very personable, but they were very efficient.  Between getting in line to taking my first bite, it all went down very fast.  As far as the menu was laid-out, well there wasn’t a lot up there so it was pretty easy to digest.  




The Fast Food Addict is giving Five Guys 2 stars just basically because they don’t do a whole lot for us.  Now if I’m out driving somewhere, it’s “naughty” day, I’m suddenly in the mood for a burger, and Five Guys comes up right away on my left I’ll probably hit it.  But if I know there are other options right around the corner I’ll definitely go see what those are.  Thus the two stars, we’re not craving these guys.  That’s big.                                                    DT                                          



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