Smithfield’s ****

I absolutely love eating down south.  They just know how to do it down there.  So when I recently went back to my old hood in North Carolina it was just a given that I was going to be doin’ some good eatin’.  One of my definite stops was going to be Smithfield’s.  Under one roof you can get a decent summation of southern grub.  I wanted some real BBQ with some hush puppies and cole slaw (no fatback this time…).  When I lived down here I loved this place so it was only a logical choice.  

Now when I say BBQ, do all the Yankees in the building know what I’m talking about?  I didn’t want to go to a BBQ, I wanted to eat some BBQ.  Quick answer: pulled pork, yummy sauce, eat.  Hush puppies?  Anyone above Virginia know that one?  Either way, GWBF and I wanted some good southern grub and this was the place to go.  From BBQ to potato salad Smithfield’s does it right.  Between the two of us we had a lot of food on our plates, and some good sweet tea to top it off.  I’m usually not a big fan of iced tea but this stuff was pretty good.  Everything was great, except for the fries.  But that didn’t bother me so much being that anything else that touched my tongue was thoroughly enjoyable.  I really wanted to top it all off with some bananna pudding or pecan pie, but just didn’t have the room.  If for some reason you don’t like pork (I can’t imagine why) they have some chicken choices as well, which I hear are great.  It was just one of those places where I wanted a little bit of everything.  But I’m taking it as a good thing that I don’t have that much room in my belly.  Oh yeah, they have Sundrop too!  

This particular location was squeaky clean.  There seemed to be a gleam coming off the floor and overall, everything just looked new.  I’ve seen a more impressive menu layout before but it got the basic points across.  Once again, that southern charm came across in the service and we were both duly impressed.  At one point it just kinda felt like we were chowing down at a big family cookout or something like that.  That’s a great eating environment, I was waiting for a frisbee to buzz by my head.  




Overall, the Fast Food Addict really enjoys paying Smithfield’s a visit.  We’re going with 4 stars here.  I’m sure for people that have lived down south all of their lives they might have a local joint with the same type of food that they like better.  But in general these guys deliver a great product, and the actual BBQ itself rivals a lot of what I’ve had from other places.  If you’re a Yank (or from anywhere else), and down in Dixie for some reason definitely hit these guys up.  You’ll wish you could bring some of that pork back home with you…



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