Church’s *1/2

   “Say a prayer before going to Church’s…you’ll need it!  And leave your appetite at home.”  Those are the words of wisdom from GWBF.  This man doesn’t say much, but when he does it often includes gems like this.  GWBF and I sauntered into Church’s recently on my first night back in Wilmington, NC.  We were hungry, it was great to be back in town, and I was in the mood to hit-up someplace new.  We tried one other unmentioned joint which seemed to have gone out of business so these guys just happened to be next-up.  Well, it didn’t exactly rock our world.  

   I expected Church’s to be just like KFC, only with its own twist.  Well I was right on both counts.   It had that whole southern-vibe going on, which I usually enjoy.  There were 5 different ways to get your bird (like Spicy Chicken, which I couldn’t get), 8 side options (Fried Okra and Jalapeno Cheese Bombers were two), 6 different sauces (try the Purple Pepper), along with various drinks and an apple pie option.  The chicken I eventually got wasn’t what I originally ordered, and turned-out to be pretty average at best.  Not trying to be mean, but it reminded me of something I got back in the ol’ college cafeteria.  Nothing stood-out about it at all.  It was eatable and all but nothing to write home about.  The Cheese Bombers I got were ok, but not great.  The biscuits weren’t to bad but Bojangles and KFC do ’em better.  Honestly, it was the kind of meal where you’re like, “well this is ok but I kinda wish I spent my dough somewhere else.”  Again, it wasn’t horrible but about half-a-dozen other places to eat crossed my mind when I was half-way thru my meal.  That’s never a good sign.  


When we first walked-in I didn’t get a good feeling about the place.  The dining area was a little messy and gave-off a disorganized type of vibe.  When glancing behind the counter I got the very same impression.  It’s not very often that you get a great eating experience when you notice this stuff right away.  One big plus was the friendly service.  Seconds after surveying the environment around me, a booming voice welcomed us from behind the counter, “Hey guys, welcome to Church’s!!”  It was the guy manning the cash register and he seemed genuine with his greeting.  I wanted the new Spicy Chicken but they didn’t have any ready to go so I had to change-up.  No problem.  They brought the food out to us and this sweet lady greeted us with a smile and even called me ‘sugar’ (ah, I love the south).  Thing is, it wasn’t what I ordered.  That’s ok…  

We really do hate knocking people here at the Fast Food Addict.  But on the other hand we have to be honest.  We’re only giving Church’s 1 ½ stars, and the half is solely due to that friendly customer service (and they had Mello Yellow!).  The food was just average and did nothing at all to excite us, from menu to plate.  We’re not sure how they’re going to keep up with the competition in light of this, but maybe next time we’ll have a better experience.  Just not sure when that’s going to be…                                                                                                            DT                                                              



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