Fatburger ****


  Simply put, these guys kick butt (I could drop another Beastie Boys reference here).  I’ve been twice in my life and both times I left beyond satisfied.  I had always heard of this place but never had a chance to hit one.  Just on a whim in my hotel room up in the Rockies, I looked them up online.  Sure enough they had a few locations in the Denver area and that’s where we were heading.  So after a beautiful drive we (the we being GWBF and I) arrived in town and promptly headed over to Fatburger.  Great priorities right?  I admit it, I was pumped and GWBF was kind of curious about all the hype.  

   Burgers…fried or grilled?  Fries…skinny or fat?  On my first visit I got me a grilled Kingburger with tons of stuff on it, including a fried egg.  With nice, fat steak fries.  Delicious.  The Denver location had a very impressive list of toppings to put on your burger.  I don’t know if that’s offered in every location because I didn’t see as many offered the next time I went (different location).  But trust me when I say this burger was great.  It was like they just took it off the grill in your friend’s back yard and served it up to you.  It went down so easy, practically melting in my mouth (can I burger do that? Yup).  The extra toppings didn’t take away anything, but only added to the overall experience.  With every bite one would stand out over the other and make things just that much more yummy.  All this and the fries were solid as well.  Crisp on the outside and soft inside.  If you don’t particularly want beef on your plate they offer turkeyburgers, veggieburgers, and three different chicken options.  I haven’t had any of those cuz the cow captivated my attention during both visits.  But if they’re anything like the hamburgers, you’re in for some great eats.  They’ve also got hot dogs, salad, and breakfast choices.  Ah, I love this place.

   I’ve been to two different Fatburger locations and both were top-notch.  Both looked completely brand new (they could have been) and everything was neat and tidy.  You probably could have eaten off the seats, although I didn’t.  The Denver location was crazy-busy but the employees were on the ball.  Everyone had a smile and no one seemed to be frazzled.  Everything flowed along nice and smooth.  The menu was laid-out well and I was enamored with the different ways you could get a burger, let alone all the stuff you could get on it.  All that info was easily conveyed.  At a large portion of their locations you can order ahead of time online.  Great idea.  Each joint had a juke box which I thought was a nice touch.  But let me tell you those burgers were huge, and booty shaking in the dining area was not on my mind after eating… 

   Fatburger doesn’t quite seem like fast food, it has a different vibe.  But you get some great eats here, and you get it fast.  Maybe it’s just that they’re a step above the competition.  So in light of that the Fast Food Addict is giving them 4 stars.  Sure, you might pay a little more here then at the Big 3 but we think you’ll be happy with the product you get for that extra couple of bucks.  If you’ve never gone and you find yourself craving a great burger, hunt them down!                                                                  DT



2 Responses to “Fatburger ****”

  1. Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

  2. i love thier top box. it has skinny tips (for coins) and fat tips (for bills)

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