Dick’s *



   I’ve hit these guys up twice during my several trips to the Seattle area.  The first time I was pretty curious about it and the second time, well…it was a free meal  with good company so I wasn’t going to complain.  

   Dick’s is pretty basic.  Here you’re going to basically get a burger, a “Dick’s Deluxe” (cheeseburger), soggy fries, and milkshake.  Whatever you do though, don’t try and modify your order.  What’s on the menu is what you get.  Don’t even try and hold that lettuce buddy.  The burgers aren’t bad overall but nothing to write home about.  The fries, well I’d just recommend that you get another burger instead of the fries.  The shakes are kinda like the burgers, not bad but nothing great.

   Both locations were in decent shape as far presentation goes.  It was only a walk-up and order set-up so there wasn’t a dining area of all.  So I guess you could say the parking lot was pretty clean.  Behind the counter things looked a little messy but everyone got their food in a decent amount of time, and the orders for our decent size group were correct.  Being that the food choices were limited, the menu was pretty easy to comprehend.  Service was average.  The second time the employees seemed a little huffy, and it was annoying.


   If you couldn’t tell already, we’re not to thrilled with Dick’s here at the Fast Food Addict.  Like we’ve mentioned before, we thoroughly support the little guy.  But in this case there really isn’t anything about Dick’s that would make us excited to go back.  So in light of that we’re just going with 1 star for these guys.   I’m sure someone in the Seattle will have a “beef” with us over this.  Bring it on, we’re open to having our mind changed.  It’ll have to be a convincing argument though…


One Response to “Dick’s *”

  1. i agree. it’s open late. and it’s not mcdonalds. that’s about it.

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