Give us your take.



   Those of us here at Fast Food Addict have definitely been to our share of fast food joints (although we do keep it under control, for the most part…).  However, we haven’t been everywhere.  There are a lot of places we just haven’t had a chance to hit yet.  Here’s just a few:  Arctic Circle, Crown Burgers, Pudgies, Panda Express.  Have you pounded some grub from any of these places?  Or others maybe?  If so we want to know what you think about them.  Not just big chains either, tell us about the little guys in and around your hood.  Not only that, but give us your own take on any of the joints we’ve blabbed about already.  We don’t want to just sit back and listen to ourselves talk all day, where’s the fun in that?  So if you want to join-in feel free to leave a comment.  Or better yet, e-us a review at  and we’ll try to get your stuff up.  Keep in mind that although it’s just a blog right now, a full site is in the works.  So whatever you send will wind-up there too.  Just keep it good-natured, and nice and clean.  You know, like the inside of your arteries after eating Double Quarter Pounder with cheese…  Also, if you’ve got a site or something you might want plugged when we get our site up, e-us on that too. 

Thanks for the support!                                 burger-king-closed-sign


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