Culver’s ***


   These guys remind me of the Dairy Queen of the midwest.  Full-on fast food fare with a wide variety of ice cream to choose from.  My one and only visit to these guys was in Milwaukee.  I saw what seemed to be a new (to me) fast food chain from the opposite side of the food court.  I was all over it.  

   I believe I had a Bacon Deluxe with a hearty portion of Crinkle Cut fries.  The burger itself was solid.  It didn’t blow me away but it was good.  The fries were decent but didn’t really stand-out.  Overall though Culver’s has a lot to offer, with good variety.  As far as burgers go, they have 8 to choose from.  On top of that they also have chicken, fish, rueben, ham, and Philly steak to choose from in the sandwich category.  They’ve also got hot dogs, chicken selections, salads, and dinners like North Atlantic Cod and Pot Roast.  Mix all that up with 8 different sides and a vast desert menu, and you’ve got a lot of yummy options at Culver’s.  I did get some ice cream although I can’t remember exactly what it was.  I do remember it being good though.


   Being that I’ve only been to one location, I can give Culvers a hearty thumbs-up in the clean and presentable department.  Their particular area of the food court was very clean, as if they took it upon themselves to have their own little area stand-out above the rest.  Behind the counter everything ran nice and smooth, with employees that seemed to care about their job.  They had a side area that looked to be just for ice cream, but no one really seemed to pay much attention to it, so you had to hail an employee to come over.  Not a big deal though. 

   Basically, Fast Food Addict is only giving Culvers 3 stars because they didn’t really do much to excite us.  There was more to the menu than McDonalds, and it did taste good.  However, it didn’t jump off the plate, throw a party in our mouth, and make us crave a second trip.  Maybe it’s just that we need a second trip to be convinced, because their is a lot more to sample here.  We definitely support the smaller chains, so make sure you go check these guys out.                                                                                               DT


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  1. taco time is fine dining

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