Checkers/Rally’s ***


   I never saw a Checkers until college.  Another one of my discoveries during the many adventures I had in Ohio.  Let me tell you, the Canton area of OH is a veritable paradise for fast food lovers.  I was left with a good impression when it came to the food, but I wondered how a place where you could only order outside or thru a drive-thru, survived during the winter.  You’d think that there would be a major drop-off in business during that time.  In spite of that I’ve seen Checkers as far north as NJ and it seemed to be doing fine.  Down south you’ll find their sister chain, Rally’s, and they’re basically the same restaurant.  In these areas I totally understand the concept.  I’d still consider eating a burger outside if it only gets down to the 50’s in January.  Whatever the temperature though, these guys deserve a visit.  

   I’d put these guys in the same vein as A&W when it comes to the menu.  I’m speaking for Checkers mainly, but both offer a great line-up of burgers, chicken, fish, hot dogs, fries, and deserts.  Once again, a smaller chain that seems to have more to offer than the Big 3.  They’ve just introduced some new Prime Rib Burgers, which I haven’t gotten around to trying yet.  But I do have a Rally’s near me at the moment so it’s gonna happen…  I believe my last trip had me gobbling a Big Buford, and it was good.  I also have an affinity for the fries, which are seasoned and never seem to come out soggy.  At least every time I’ve gone they’ve always nice and crisp, and overall have a great taste.  They had a Chili Burger for a while and it was great.  Basically everything on the menu is solid.  I’m gunning for the Loaded Fries next time, you know, along with a Prime Rib Burger.  Geez, I better save room…

   Of the few Checkers that I’ve been to, they’ve all seemed clean and presentable for the most part.  Actually, there isn’t a whole lot of restaurant to keep clean.  Service has been solid, not outstanding, but good enough.  Each location I went to had a drive-thru, and each varied on whether you just walked-up to an outside window or could go inside to a small drive-thru area.  Most had decent outdoor eating areas, although not always in the greatest locations.  Unlike Sonic though, it seems like once you order your food here you’re on your own.  checkersnew

   Fast Food Addict is going with 3 stars for Checkers/Rally’s.  We like the whole idea of presenting a drive-in/thru type of atmosphere.  If they had a place to pull-up your car and maybe order in that fashion, we think it would be a lot better.  Why do the whole drive-in thing half way?  The food is good and there’s a lot to choose from.  Overall though it doesn’t do enough for our taste buds to push the rating a little higher.  Plus, you never want to go there if it’s below 50 outside.                                                                                                     DT


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