Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s ****


   Have you had a Thickburger yet (or for those of you out west, a Charbroiled Burger)?  If you haven’t, get your butt to one of these two joints the next time you want to eat some naughty grub.  In my humble opinion, these particular burgers are two of the best you can get in the fast food world.  These are two different chains but they’re under the same ownership.  I believe the Carl’s end of things pulls the most weight, and that they’re basically on track to be the same restaurant.  So either one is going to give you the same great stuff.  Each brand often has a Green or Red Burrito with it, although not at all locations.  This side-brand offers Mexican grub, but we’ll handle them separately.  During college the only Hardee’s near me was not great, and eventually it went under.  A few years later, and after moving south, I started seeing a bunch of them.  Then out of no where came this advertising blitz over these new burgers.  I had to go check it out…  

   I’m glad I did!  At first they were called “$6 Burgers.”  But they didn’t exactly cost that much (unless you got a combo).  Basically they claimed that it was worth that much, like something you’d get at a non-fast food joint.  They were right.  Upon first bite I was immediately impressed.  This thing was great, and huge.  It knocked me out (and I um, could eat a lot more back then as opposed to now).  With growing popularity they added a few more variations: Guacamole Bacon, Chili Cheese, Western Bacon, Jalapeno.  They are all worth your hard-earned dough.  I know there are other items on the menu, and I’ve heard they’re good.  But everytime I go here I’m zoning-in on one thing.  Maybe I should force myself to eat something else.  Seriously though, go scarf one of these up and tell me they’re not one of the best in the biz.  Oh yeah, they do give you fries and a drink.  Be warned though, save room!

   Back in college the one Hardee’s I had nearby was not a class act.  Just walking in the door you could tell it wasn’t well run.  It wasn’t exactly clean, and the employees just seemed like they were killing time before they went to their real job.  Since then however, almost every Hardee’s (and the few Carl’s) I’ve been to have been on the level.  Good service (sometimes they bring your order out to you), and decent cleanliness at almost every location.  For some reason that good ol’ southern charm has really come thru in many locations south of the Mason-Dixon line.  I love a good accent…

   hardeesWhy do most people hit a fast food chain?  That’s right, for a burger.  That’s why Fast Food Addict is giving Carl’s Jr./ Hardee’s 4 stars.  Just for the Thickburgers alone they deserve this rating.  We need say no more.  Go have one and we’re pretty sure you’ll agree.                             DT


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