Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe ***



   Most of you probably won’t know this place at all.  However, anyone who has experienced the magic that is Beaver County, PA will.  As I type this I am actually sitting within the boundary of the BC, and it just so happens that I went to Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe just the other day.  Being that it’s fresh in my head I figured it was a good time to gab about it.  I have to admit though that I have a bias.  Having gone to college in this area this joint was a regular stop for me for 4 years.  Mixing that in with everything else kind of influences my rating.  Great memories and great food go hand in hand for me.  It’s hard to separate that.  I’m sure some of you are the same.bighello_coup1

   I don’t want to keep typing out the whole name so I’ll go with BHDS for now.  The menu here is pretty basic, but everything you get is going to be a solid meal.  Although they’re mainly known for their hot dogs, they also serve burgers, fish sandwiches, and soup.  Not much variety with those options and I’ll admit I’ve never had them.  If I’m at BHDS, odds are I’m getting a dog.  As far as these go, they just basically have one kind.  In and of itself it tastes like something you could get down the street at the grocery store.  That’s not necessarily bad though, just not outstanding.  From there you can get chili, onions, cheese, kraut, mustard, ketchup, and relish.  Again, nothing jumps out here but it’s all solid.  Throw all that together and you’ve got some decent eating.  Along with this you can get fries, either plain or with cheese and/or chili.  I’ve never been a big fan of the fries here.  They’re usually kind of limp and soggy.  Not a bad taste but not to great either.  From there they have a decent selection of shakes (never had ’em) and soda.  This includes Mt. Dew so of course I’m giving high marks here…  To me eating at BHDS is something to do now and then because you’re in the area and so are they.  Go grab some grub and hang with some friends, then go out.  It might be awhile until you go back but after a while you’ll just feel like you want to go back for a dog.  It’s weird.

   BHDS gets high marks from us on cleanliness, good marks on presentation, and ok marks on service.  From what I recall and including yesterdays visit, the locations are very clean.  Not a lot of messes lying around and behind the counter things seem to be in good shape.  Presentation isn’t bad, it’s just very basic.  Nothing flashy going on here but that’s ok.  Service has generally been good but iffy at times.  Sometimes it seems like the employees really don’t have that “service with a smile” approach.  But I’ve never had a messed-up order, and it usually comes-up fast so I guess I can’t complain to much.

   So after mixing actual eating and memories,  Fast Food Addict is going with 3 stars for the Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe.  It’s a solid joint, and you’re belly will probably be pleased when all is said and done.  Although, it might all have more to do with where you’re at in life, and what’s going on around you.  Oh yeah, be sure and check-out the cups…                                                                                                                                               DT 



One Response to “Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe ***”

  1. This place is so great. I have to say that because I grew up in that town. But seriously all over western pa, especially Beaver County it is a staple. My fav is definitely 2 dogs with chili and onions and a chili and cheese fry. Be sure to get a shake while your there, my favs are either orange or banana…mmmm mmmm good.

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