Bojangles’ **


   People love their chicken down south, and I have to admit that I would have to go with chicken as my main-meat of choice.  It’s great, and it works well with just about anything.  So Bojangles’ is one of a few chains who try and capitalize on this love.  All with a genuine southern flavor.  While living down south for a few years I fell in love with how they eat down there.  I embraced that southern style.  Now, not everything is great (fatback, collards) in my opinion.  Overall though they know how to serve-up a good meal.  Bojangles’ tries to capture all that but comes up a bit short.  

   I’ve only eaten here a handful of times, spaced-out over the span of about 4 years.  Each time I said to myself, “Well, that was ok but I probably won’t come back for a while.”  Everything here is centered around chicken, biscuits, and sweet tea.  Most of the chicken is cooked-up in a Cajun style.  You can get sandwiches or wings, legs, thighs, etc. It’s not bad, but it won’t blow you away.  I imagine it might be a bit of a challenge to make your chicken stand-out over someone else’s.  Maybe it comes down to those secret “herbs and spices” used in the back room.  I don’t bite into a juicy wing here and then immediately turn around and rave about it.  A lot of the sides are pretty decent.  I remember the biscuits being very good.  In addition, they have sides such as cajun pintos, dirty rice, green beans, and potatoes (mashed and fried).  Again, they’re all solid but they won’t jump off the fork and throw a party in your mouth.  I really have to be in the mood for sweat tea, and it doesn’t strike me to often.  So I only recall having it here once.  From what I recall it wasn’t to bad, which is basically like everything else.

   Ah, cleanliness, presentation, and service.  Bojangles’ really hasn’t impressed me in any of these areas.  They were never really horrible in any of the three, but there was a lot left to be desired.  I would say that cleanliness stood-out to me as the biggest problem.  Every time I paid them a visit the dining area was in dire need of a good sweep.  Napkins and smushed-fries were like little mines on the floor to dodge as you took your food to a table.  Maybe that comes down to the management of the individual locations and doesn’t reflect the chain as a whole.  I’m not sure on that one, but it was pretty much the same story and each time I went.

   2299741423_188d3e8356Fast Food Addict is going with 2 stars when it comes to Bojangles’.  If you’re craving some southern-style chicken they are worth a stop.  But overall they just don’t impress us on several fronts.  This is big when it comes down to deciding where you’re going to spend your hard-earned dollar on grub.                                                                                                                                           DT


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