Arby’s ****


   Mmm, roast biff…  Am I right Dennis?  Sometimes you just can’t beat a Beef N Cheddar sandwich.  Smother some of that Arby’s sauce on there, throw in some curly fries with a chilly soda and that’s some good eatin’.  I remember when I couldn’t find these guys anywhere, and at least in upstate NY it looked like the one location we had was really struggling.  But nowadays that doesn’t really seem to be the case.  Thru my travels I’ve noticed these guys all over the country.  Which is good, because when I need an Arby’s fix it really comes on strong.

   Besides the sheer delicious-magnificence of anything Arby’s offers with roast beef on it, they have a very wide-variety of other yummy choices as well.  Sometimes a joint will offer a bunch of options but master none of them.  Here, Arby’s has clearly mastered the roast beef area, but the rest of the menu is up to the task as well.  They’ve got chicken, ham, turkey, and rueben sandwiches on the table.  They’re served up in traditional fast food fashion, as subs, or “Market Fresh” (bread or wraps).  That’s a lot to choose from right there.  Don’t get me started on the sides (5-7 to choose from, depending on location).  Ah, variety is definitely the spice of life.  You’re getting that here, and nothing I’ve ever had has been bad.  Many locations have added a TJ  Cinnamons in-house if you want something sweet, nice touch.  Honestly though, 90% of the time I go to Arby’s I’m getting that whole Beef N Cheddar, curly fries, drink combo.  When I hit the line I try to talk myself into getting something different this time but by the time I hear, “Can I help you?” I’m back to the old yummy stand-by. 

   Kudos to Arby’s because I’ve never encountered one that would fall into the ghetto category.  Most of them seem brand new to me.  All those options are presented well on the menu, so it’s easy to make your choice.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a messed-up order here.

   Fast Food Addict is going with 4 stars for Arby’s.  It seems like they get over-looked with all the fast food choices out there.  That shouldn’t be however, they are top-notch.  They offer a bit of a twist on the whole “burger joint” thing.  It’s in the same vein, but you won’t find any arbys1burgers here.  All you’ll find is great food, with good service, in a presentable environment.  It’s hard to beat that.  Arby’s is a great switch-up from the norm, and being normal all the time is well, boring.                                                     DT


One Response to “Arby’s ****”

  1. I think you should review Arby’s again because they’ve changed their menu and with the new Roast Burgers, it seems like they are trying to be like regular burger joints.

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