A&W ***

   These guys have a nice little thing going on here. A&W has that whole 1950’s burger joint vibe going for it. Granted, some of the locations just look like your traditional fast food restaurant, but some are drive-ins (like Sonic), with carhops (who are better on roller skates). How do you get more ’50’s than that? Honestly, I think they should focus on the latter rather then the former when it comes to this. You need something to make you stand-out. Drive-ins definitely do that. I’ve only been here a couple of times but both visits were pretty good.

   Going with the whole vibe of the place when I went for the first time; I decided to grab a hot dog, fries, and good ol’ A&W root beer. I had 4 different types of dogs to choose from, and chili cheese fries were an option too. Options = good. In fact, there are a ton of burger, chicken, and Mexican joints on the national scene. But there aren’t a whole lot of places to get a good hot dog. Both times that I’ve been here I had to go with the hot dogs because I can go just about anywhere for a burger or chicken sandwich. The fries were good, not great.  The root beer was great though.  It totally hit the spot.  I have to be in the mood for root beer, and when I am I’ve very picky about it.  This came straight from the tap, had a crisp, cold taste, and just enough bite. But if not for any other reason I’ll be back for the cheese curds. That’s right, cheese curds. Maybe if you’re from Wisconsin you’ll know what that is. If you don’t, go to A&W and find out for yourself!

   Both times I paid A&W a visit I found the locations to be very clean and presentable. Service was great, and actually very friendly and personable. In Salt Lake City they had a security guard in the dining area. At first I thought he was just eating there but nope, he was there to help keep things safe. Now, SLC doesn’t really strike me as the kind of place that really needs security for its fast food joints. But maybe I’m missing something here. Either way it was a nice touch. He raved about the curds as well, and did a great job of talking me into getting some.

   aw   Overall, Fast Food Addict is giving A&W 3 stars. It’s a definite change from going to the Big 3 if you’re tired of that. The vibe is great, and they’ve got decent variety on the menu. The 3 stars is mainly just due to the fact that we haven’t had a whole lot to eat here based on the menu as a whole. So this rating could definitely change. Go there and let us know!                                                                                                                          DT


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