Whataburger **

I just hit these guys up the other day and it wasn’t bad.  The main problem here is that there is nothing that jumps out and separates them from other chains.  Well, maybe one thing but I’ll get to that, and it’s not enough to make them stand out.  



   Here’s my beef (no pun intented) with the “W.”  I want to like this place because it’s not one of those big, monster chains that you see every ten minutes as you drive thru suburbia.  I’ve only been here twice and only on my second visit did something rise above average to me.  Now, average doesn’t mean bad.  On my first visit the burger was average and so were the fries.  Soda choices were ok.  Upon my second visit the sandwich was pretty good (Patty Melt), the soda choices were a little better, but the fries were still just average.  It was a decent meal both times but nothing really jumped out to me as truly exciting to eat or extraordinarily yummy.  In the American world of fast food you’ve got to put out something unique to really capture the audience (or market share).  The grub here is good, but I’m not sure what would make you want to go here over the “Big 3.”  Unless maybe, you just wanted a change.

   I’ve only been to two different Whataburger locations, one in Texas and one in New Mexico.  Both were very clean and presentable.  One thing that I liked which does separate them a bit from the competition is a little personal service.  After you order your food you get a placard with a number on it.  Then you go grab some soda and sit down.  When your food is ready they bring it out to you, along with a tray that has ketchup, napkins, and mints on it.  I thought that approach was a nice touch.  These guys are only located in the southwest so good luck getting to one if you live anywhere where it snows a ton (like NY).  

   Hey, at Fast Food Addict we support the little guy.  But in this case we’re going to have to give “W” just two stars.  This is mainly due to originality.  We gave the “Big 3” three stars and we can’t think of anything to put Whataburger on their level.  Spice up that menu guys and maybe you’ll step-up.  But if you happen to be on their turf and hungry, we say definitely give them a shot.                                  DT


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